Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Launching iCharity- the online donation platform

iCharity, an online donation platform dedicated to bring a positive change in society. It’s a platform bringing together those who want to donate and those who are committed to working in the social sector. The mission of iCharity is to raise awareness about various social programs, schemes carried by various voluntary organizations within India and increase the ease with which donations can reach them. iCharity through this website and with dedicated and proficient team is hoping to bring greater efficiency in the entire chain of operations in fund raising and donations. 

iCharity has already enlisted more than 20 NGOs after verifying their details about work, finances, governance and current projects.  iCharity has uploaded this information in a structured manner. One can search on the portal, study, understand the needs, and select a cause which ones feel right. iCharity provides a simple easy to use payment platform accepts all kinds of payment (credit card, netbanking or cheques).

main page icharity 
iCharity is supporting causes in Education, Health care, Children, Women empowerment, elderly care and Enviroment. Apart from donation facilities, iCharity is offering monthly donations, mypage for fundraising, articles on charity, news letters  and events.