Friday, 16 January 2015

Tips to make fruitful donations in 2015

1. Identify the cause:                           

Don’t donate for the sake of donating only. Your charity should be purposeful. There are thousands of NGOs working in social sector and addressing different kind of issues ranging from children to elderly, from water conservation to total environment protection. Therefore, you should be clear in your mind and intentions as to which cause or causes you are interested to support.

See our post Donations to charity - Making the right decision to learn how to choose a charity/cause

2. Find the right charity:              

Once you are sure of the cause/s which you wish to support, the next big thing is to find out an authentic NGO/s which is/are working towards the same cause/causes you believe in. These days our society is crowded by NGOs but authentic ones are quite a few. Before zeroing in on an NGO find out its registration status, key people, funds usage ratio (typically should be a minimum 70% of funds received) and beneficiaries must be looked into so that your donation is utilized as per your expectations.

3. Make online donations:                      

So now even with purest of your intentions to support a social cause, you might face difficulties in finding the right avenues where you can donate. Well! There is no reason to worry. With the penetration of internet many NGOs have an online presence and with some research you might be able find an NGO which is working for your favorite cause and perhaps in your own neighborhood. 

To make things even simpler, there are quite a few online platforms like iCharity which takes care of verification of NGOs and presents a number of NGOs/ Causes working across sectors at one place. You can give it try by donating to an NGO directly and also through online platform. You can even experiment with different online platforms. After all you want your hard earned money to be as impactful as possible. So go online, search, know and donate!

Happy Charity Donations 2015!!

Blog post contributed by Sumit Srivastava, Volunteer, iCharity.


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